Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dead in the Water by Dana Stabenow

This is the third in the Kate Shugak series ( I accidentally read it before #2 ). I had read the first in this series and mentioned that although I liked it, I was confused by all the people who were introduced and just couldn't give the book an A rating. I decided to try the second book to see if it improved. Although I didn't read the second book, I did enjoy the third and plan on reading more.

This mystery finds Kate on board a fishing boat. The last trip out two of the men on board were reported missing, but the story the skipper gives just doesn't sound right. The company that owns the boat decides to do an investigation. Jack asks Kate to do the undercover work. I though this story was rich in explaining what it was like on a fishing boat (although I didn't exactly get it all the time - me being from the main land and never been anywhere close to a fishing boat!). I still thought the author did a good job explaining the area, the history of the alaskan people, and some of what it is like to work on a fishing boat off the coast of Alaska.
And of course Kate was able to get the bad guys.


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