Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabet

I kinda feel like this should go on the January list since I read most of it in January - but I did finish it in February - so February it is.

I really enjoy all the books I have read by Meg Cabet. I love cozy mysteries. Imagine my delight when I came upon this book. This is the first in a mysteries by Meg. Heather is an ex-pop star who works in a dorm or should I say residence hall. She is hoping to make it past the 6 month review so she can go to college for free and finally get an education. Then one day - a girl is found on the bottom of the elevator shaft. Everyone, except Heather, believes the girl was elevator surfing and therefore this was an accident. Heather just knows this girl was murdered - but how does she prove it? And then another girl dies! What is Heather going to do!

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