Thursday, May 4, 2006

Better off Wed by Laura Durham

This is the first in the Annabelle Archer mystery series. I tell you what - I had a hard time putting this one down. I loved the neighbor who just sorta made herself available. I loved the Annabelle - she seems to have her wits about her - yet she was funny. I liked Roger - her friend who is also a caterer and does most of the weddings she plans. He was very funny.

So - you figured out that I liked the characters - but did I like the story? Yup - you bet. Annabelle is a wedding planner in DC. The novel starts off with her at the wedding of her client - who also happens to be very big in the DC social circuit. What happens when the Mother-of-the-Bride is found at the bottom of the steps? Dead? you got it - Annabelle starts investigating the murder on her own to help clear Roger's name.

If you like cozy mysteries - you are bound to like this one.

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