Friday, June 2, 2006

The Deep Blue Alibi by Paul Levine

This is the second novel in the Solomon vs Lord series. I really enjoyed this first and wasn't disapointed with the second one.

Victoria and Steve are up to it again. Victoria gets a call from Uncle Grif, he isn't really her Uncle by an old family friend (used to be her father's business partner). He needs to discuss something with her only when they meet - it turns out he is being charged for murder. Victoria wants to handle this herself but Steve insists are being in the middle. Let's mix in Junior Griffin - Uncle Grif's son and a very handsome man - who likes Victoria and has a past with her. Now you know Steve is going to mess things up because his jelousy gets in the way. haha!

You also get to learn more about the two smaller mysteries that were started in the first book - why Steve's father isn't a judge and what happened to Victoria's father.

Very good read - I highly recommend this series - even if courtroom drama isn't your type. I don't like them - but this book is different and very funny. I was chuckling at parts.

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