Saturday, June 24, 2006


" As I walked back to my car, another thought crossed by mind. Maybe getting rich is glorious, but the combination of looking poor and offering help is so much more glorious than looking rich and acting petty."

"German cars have a European prestige and quality. American cars are big, because there are many fatsos in the States. Japanese cars are economical and reliable and suit someone who wants to save money.

Those are two quotes from this book. I personally just like the part about the american cars in the second one, but thought it would be wise to list the others also. haha!

I enjoyed this book so much more than the one on my previouse post. This book moved pretty fast for me. I thought I was reading a book about my new friends and their lives. I thought the comparisons to the US were neat. It was interesting to read a book where they talk about what it is like in their country and how much people look up to the US and want to move there and how they follow our trends, etc. I believe this book told a lot of truth about what it is like in China right now and I found that part very interesting. I do recommend this book to my girlfriends. I thought it was just a great read dealing with the different cultures, dealing with love, and with friendship.

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bookwormaddict said...

The cover of this books is quite modern and interesting...very pink too:) Glad it was a better read then the previous title:)