Friday, August 4, 2006

It Might Have Been What He Said by Eden Collinsworth

"Words drew Isabel to James and, in time, to a place she couldn't have imagined. His words would hold her there, long after she should have left. They would provoke her blind rage...and become reason enough for Isabel to try killing him." p.47

"One is never as deaf as when one chooses not to hear." p.149

This is a novel about Isabel. She grew up with a not so normal childhood. She was very smart, very determined. She made a name for herself in the publishing world. Then she met James. James didn't want to make a name for himself, he just wanted money. He liked to live expensively. They feel in love, Isabel had money, they married. Life is grand for awhile....or so Isabel thinks. Then one day she tries to kill him. This is her story, this is her take on how things happened and what brought her to try and kill her husband and how she deals with things.

This book was much more interesting than I am probably making it sound. I was sucked in from the very beginning. This book does kind of jump around a little, going from her childhood to when she is adult and then going back to her childhood, but usually this is done when she is thinking back about it - and it works for the story. Usually I have a hard time with books that jump around like that but this one was fine, I didn't have a problem following the story or understanding what was going on. There are a couple times with the author leaves you wondering what is going on...but she always comes back to it. That is part of what made me continue to read it so fast - I wanted to know what was going on.


bookwormaddict said...

Hi Kris,
Is this book fiction or a true story? BTW, did you see me on Myspace trying to chat with you this morning? Hope you're having a good weekend so far!
I renamed my blog and sort of changed it a tiny bit. Hope you'll like it:)

Kris said...

No - this is fiction, it was a great story though.

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