Friday, September 1, 2006

My Sister's Keeper By Jodi Picoult

Wow! Is there anything more to say here? This was my first book my Jodi Picoult and I can tell you right now that it won't be my last. I couldn't stop reading it. This is the type of book I want to talk to somebody about because I try to put myself in the parent's place and I don't know what kind of decisions I would have made.
This is the story of Anna. She has an older sister Kate who has cancer - a rare type. Anna was conceived so that she could be a donor for Kate. She has donated blood, platelets, bone marrow - you name it. Now she is 13 and being asked to donate a kidney. Only Anna is refusing to donate the kidney.
"You don't love someone because they're perfect," she says. "You love them in spite of the fact that they're not." p.384


Amelia said...

This was my first Jodi Picoult novel, too. I had heard so many good things about it that I had to read it myself. It really blew me away, not because of Anna's situation with her mother but rather that life can bring on surprises when you least expect it (I hope you know what I am referring to as I did not want to include any spoilers in this post for future readers). It stood with me for a very long time. Definitely a must-read!

bookwormaddict said...

Gosh now I am going to have to get my copy back......ahhhhh....glad you enjoyed it so much Kris. As soon as I get my copy of The Pact I'll send it your way:)
Miss you!!

Joy said...

Hi Kris ~ Well, I guess I'm in the minority when it comes to Picoult. I rated this book a 3.5/5 and The Pact 3/5. I just think they are "okay" books. There's a lot of hype for her novels, but I guess they're just not for me. ???

However, I'm glad that you (and most people) enjoy them. :)

Anonymous said...

Kris, I tried to leave a comment as booklogged and it wouldn't let me. Just thought you'd like to know, in case the same thing is happening to others.