Thursday, November 30, 2006

Books read in November 2006

1)The Secret Theif by Judith Jaeger - fiction, very good
2)Scent to her Grave by India Ink - cozy mystery, great
3)Death on Demand by Carolyn G. Hart - cozy mystery, great
4)Killer Hair by Ellen Byerrum - cozy mystery, great
5)Just Desserts by Mary Daheim - cozy mystery, great
6)On Becoming life, work, and Love by Arianna Huffington - non-fiction, very good
7)Kiss of Darkness by Heather Graham - romantic suspense, good
8)Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich - romance, funny - good
9)Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury - fiction, ok
10)Dead Men Don't Lye by Tim Myers - cozy mystery, great


Nessie said...

Christ I never did get around to this. I have a written reading journal where I transcribe the begin and finishness... there are a lot of novels that I start and pick up and put down then pick up. I have been reading Don Q for 3 years now. I get through about 2 chapters a year.

Interesting list. 9 out of ten I would never really think of even reading.

Kris said...

haha! I love cozy mysteries so I tend to read a lot of them.

bookwormaddict said...

WOW 10 this month! Go Kris! I blogged twice tonight....what am I thinking?:)
You might want to go read it..hee hee:)

James said...

Several great first in the series cozies and now a couple I want to try. :D India Ink's first book is already on my tbr stack and Tim Myer's book sounds intriguing, especially with the subtle mentioning of his other series!

Nessie said...

Kris, I read Romance novels as 'desert' books - in between reads when I am reading chuncksters. I never got into mysteries for I know not the reason. Nothing againt it just never did... Any major essentials I should read???

Joy said...

Let me like cozy mysteries! :)

I see you are doing some Challenges too. I've started to gather up my thoughts as to my choices. It's fun already.

Happy Reading!

Lesa said...

Kris - Have you checked out the website I think you might like it. And, it has a link to contests you might like, too. Just think of me as an enabler. (grin)