Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Snipped in the Budy by Kate Collins

This is the 4th in the flower shop mystery series. I have enjoyed all of them. I love the main character, Abby Knight. She is sarcastic and fun, a lot of the things she says makes me laugh.
In this story Abby delivers a funeral arrangement to one of her old professors, a professor that hates her. He gets angry at her and throws the flower in the trash. She goes back to her car, then decides to go back and get the flower and vase so they aren't wasted. When she goes back into his office, she finds a different professor dead.
The main difference between this mystery and the other's in the series so far - Abby is the main suspect. Abby and Marco (her maybe boyfriend) decide to investigate the murder to prove Abby's innocents. While trying to solve this murder, they also get caught up in a pet-napping ring.
One of the fun things about this book was that Abby keeps going around town in disguises so people don't recognize her, since everyone thinks she is guilty. I love Marco's response and the response of others when they realize it is her.
"To me, spreadsheets was what I did on Saturday mornings after washing my bed linen"
p. 241
How could you not love Abby? haha!

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Lover of Books said...

That looks like a good book. I would like to start that series. :)