Tuesday, February 27, 2007

...and Baby Makes Two by Judy Sheehan

Jane keeps seeing signs. These signs are telling her that it's time she had a baby of her own, the problem is that Jane is 38 and single. Jane happens upon a group for single mothers and decides to adopt from China. There are two other women around her age and also single who are doing the same thing. They become friends and go through the whole long process together.

While waiting for her adoption Jane meets Peter. Peter happens to be married. Jane falls in love with Peter and Peter loves Jane. Peter goes to CA to visit his wife. He comes back and tells Jane they are getting a divorce. But is that the truth?

Through the whole adoption process Jane has a lot to deal with. She has a lot of family issues, she has to deal with her love for Peter that might not be meant to work out, she deals with the fact that she will be a single parent and as much as she wants a kid - is she strong enough?

This is the first by the author and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a very cute, very interesting book. I do hope she writes more in the future. I loved Jane. Jane seems to have it all but deep down she is just as scared about things as the rest of us. I love how much she used lists and was addicted to making lists - I can relate. lol! I also loved Ray. Ray is her best friend. Ray is a funny guy and a great support to Jane.

new author/fiction/34 pgs

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Bookfool said...

Wow, Kris, you've been a reading fool! It seems like you're posting a new review almost every day. Go get 'em. :)

BTW, this one sounds fun.