Friday, February 9, 2007

Clearing the Aisle by Karen Schwartz

Ah - it felt good to read a chick-lit again.
Rachel is now engaged to her boyfriend Dan. Rachel and Dan live in New York but Rachel's parents live in Washington D.C. and since her father is paying and Washington is cheaper, they decide to have the wedding there. However..that is the easiest decision. Rachel soon learns that her father and his new wife, Phyllis, will only give her $10,000. This may seem like a lot to you and me, but Rachel knows her father can afford more and that will limit the amount of guests, especially when the stepmother gets upset because she might not be able to invite her friends. The other issue is that Rachel's mother, Jackie, and her father do not get along and put Rachel in the middle.
Rachel is soon wondering if she is becoming a Bridezilla or if her parents are causing most of the problems. She is constantly being told that she is only thinking of herself and not others and she is being made to feel like her opinions don't matter. So Rachel has to figure out how to get the wedding the way they want it but still pleasing her Mom, her Father, her stepmother and her future in-laws (who thankfully are much more easy going).
I thought this book was a very quick and light read. I loved Rachel, she was very funny. I love some of the secondary characters, such as her friend Timothy and her Aunt Natalie. I went through the whole wedding issue about 3.5 years ago and can relate to a lot of what went on. I admit that my wedding planning wasn't nearly as expensive and my in-laws and own family weren't as demanding, but there were still issues and it was still stressful and this book makes it all amusing. I think anybody who has gone through this before will enjoy this book.
fiction/new author/350pgs

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Lover of Books said...

That sounds like one I would love to read. :) My library also has it but not sure when I will get to it. lol I remember during our wedding process I had to see a counselor cause I was pretty stressed out over it as well as school at the time.