Friday, February 2, 2007

A Pour Way to Dye by Tim Myers

This is the second in the soapmaking mystery series by Tim Myers. I enjoyed this one as much as the first one. I really enjoy Ben, the main character, and really I enjoy all of his family.

The Perkins clan is in for a bad day, when they show up on Monday to open their soap store, they find that the jewelry store next to them has fenced in their parking lot, claiming it rightly belongs to them.

The family decides that once again, Ben is the one to take care of this problem. Before Ben can really do anything the owner of the Jewelry store is found murdered and Ben is one of the prime suspects. Along with being a murder suspect, having no parking lot for the family to use or for deliveries, Ben is in for some more bad news when it comes to his love life. Once again Ben finds himself trying to find a murderer so he can protect his family.

This is such a cute cozy mystery series. The Perkins family is great, I love the way they interact and I also love Ben. Right now there are only 2 in the series by the third, A Mold For Murder, comes out in April 2007.
cozy mystery/225pgs

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Janice said...

This looks good I'll see if its at the library when I go tomorrow :)