Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber

This is the second book in the series, the first is Shop on Blossom Street. The third comes out in May - so be ready!

Lydia is still running her knitting/yarn store and everything is going well - for awhile anyway. She starts a new class - teaching people to knit sicks. This is where we meet three new ladies who become just as good of friends as her first class did. Bethanne is newley divorced and not sure what to do. Elise is an older women that recently lost a lot of money and had to move in with her daughter and her family. Courtney is a senior in highschool from Chicago who is living with her Grandma for a year in Seattle. These were are all different but soon because good friends.

Lydia's sister is going through a tough time and even though she is pushing Lydia away - Lydia steps up to help her. Lydia also has a rough patch with Brad. Elise helps Bethann come up with an idea of what she can do for a living. Courtney loses weight and makes new friends.

I loved this book as much as I did the first one. The three knitters from the first one show up from time to time in this book and I was glad for that but at the same time glad that I could meet some more wonderful women. I so wish I lived in their Seattle world and could be friends with these ladies too. I can't wait for the third one to come out.



Lynne said...

I love Debbie Macomber. Also can't wait for the new book. Have you read the Cedar Cove series? I think #7 is due out this fall.

booklogged said...

I'm surprised I didn't leave a comment. When I last visited you I read this review and then went and mooched the book. It's now sitting on my shelf waiting to be read! Along with The Shop on Blossom Street.