Monday, March 5, 2007

Invitation to Murder by Elizabeth Bright

This is the first in the card-making mystery series.

Jennifer just recently opened up her own card shop, Custom Card Creations. She is working the store when she receives a terrifying phone call - it appears the person on the other end accidentally dialed her and was then murdered. Jennifer calls her brother, who is also the town sheriff, and tells him what happened. He doesn't really take it seriously until a young women is found murdered. Jennifer starts to receive threatening letters telling her to leave the investigation alone, and of course she decides to ignore those warnings. While trying to solve a murder she is also commissioned to create wedding invitations and it seems the made of honor - was the dead women. Jennifer uses the excuse of working on the invitations to start questioning the entire wedding party.

I really enjoyed this book. There are currently three in the series and I plan to read the rest - hopefully this year. lol!
I loved Jennifer's Aunt Lillian - she might be old but she is a crazy lady. I also loved how Jennifer's brother and sister both tried to protect her and watch over her, even though she didn't always want it.

cozy mystery/new author/212pgs


Heidi said...

I knew you would like this series. I am so glad it finally made it to the top of your reading pile.

Gavin said...

Looks like another winner and another for my list. Thanks again !

booklogged said...

I have got to get away from your blog, I'm adding so many titles to my list. This is one of them.