Monday, March 12, 2007

Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke

This is the lates in the Hanna Swenson mystery series.

The tri-county fair has come to their their town and the gang is busy. Hannah is judging the sweets, Michelle is entered into the beauty pagaent, Norman has entered the photography contest, Andrea is in a mother-daughter contest, and Herb is doing a magic trick. Everything seems to be going fine when Willa, one of the other sweets judges is found dead, and can you guess who found her? Of course it was Hannah! lol!

The gang gets together to try and solve the mystery. Mike actually gives Hannah some info this time and doesn't lecture her to stay away. They believe the killer is caught and Hannah lets down her guard, but then she finds...the real killer wasn't caught and she is in big trouble. Maybe that cell phone Normal bought for her will come in handy.

I enjoyed this one as much as the others in the series. Every time I read these books I feel like I'm back with friends. I would love to go into the cookie shop and sample some of those cookies, and buy a house from Andrea and become good friends with Lisa - and all the charecters in the book. I loved that Norman was in the book a lot more than Mike (or so it seemed to me). I loved how much everyone was worried about Moishe not eating and buying him dinners. haha! That had me laughing. I think Michelle is showing up in the books more too - and I like that. I like when all three sisters get together. you can see I liked the book. lol! This is one of my favorite mystery series.



nessie said...

I love that - finding characters that speak to you even when you flipped past the last page. There are certain characters that I think of on a regular basis. my room mate says I am crazy but i have a serious affection for them.

Gavin said...

Great Review. I'm a cozy mystery fan, but I have not read any of the Hanna Swenson series. I've added it to my "to be bought" list. Thanks :)