Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Simon & Schuster Book TV

I got an email regarding Simon and Schuster Book TV and it had a link to the website. This website has short videos of interviews and info on some of their authors.
You can see the video's in two different places, either their new website www.bookvideos.tv or
www.youtube.com/BookVideosTV .

I checked out the bookvideos.tv website and watched the video on Kathy Reichs. I found it very interesting. I haven't really checked out any of the others just because I don't currently read books by the authors or I just don't have time.

I personally haven't checked out the youtube website - this is basically because I am stuck on dial-up at home (don't ask) and work blocks me from getting on that site. haha!

So..take a look...you might find it interesting.

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Joy said...

Thank you Kris. I found the site to be very interesting. :)