Sunday, July 8, 2007

ZigZag by Jose Carlos Somoza

This book takes place in Madrid in 2015 but at least half of the story is about the past which happened in 2005. The main character is Elisa Robledo, a physics teacher at a University. She is very smart, beautiful, but seems to be hiding something. At least that is what one of her co-workers, victor, believes. He knows something happened 10 years ago when she went to Zurich to work on a project, ZigZag. Then there is an article in the paper, a man has been murdered, and everything changes. Elisa calls Victor for his help and as they drive to a secret location for a meeting she fills him in on what happened 10 years ago.

She was just finishing her degree, she was the top student to take a class by David Blanes. He was teaching about his theory on strings and time. There she meets Victor for the first time, as well as his friend Ricardo Valente Sharpe. It was also through this class that she was asked to accompany Blanes to Zurich to work on his string theory. Once she gets there, before she can even be told what the project is, she is asked to sign a confidentiality paper and realizes there is more going on that she imagined. She is actually taken to an island, New Nelson. They are surrounded by heavily armed guards and it is here that she realizes what she is going to be doing. They are working on a way to view the past using these time strings. However something with the project goes horribly wrong and one night when the power fails, two of the individuals there are killed and another, Ric Valente Sharpe, goes missing. This starts the terror that will follow Elisa and the rest of the crew for 10 years. One by one they are being brutally murdered and Eagle Group, who funded the project, is trying to cover it up. Elisa and the rest of the crew, and Victor, decide they need to go back to New Nelson and figure out exactly what zigzag is and why it is killing them, and most importantly, how to get it to stop.

This book kinda started off slow and confusing for me because there is a lot of talk about different physics theories and as you can guess, I'm not a scientist. haha! So a lot of that went over my head and I just wanted to skip it and get on with the book. The book picked up for me once Elisa started telling Victor what happened 10 years ago with the project. There was still some stuff with the physics mixed in, especially when talking about the project, but by then I wanted to know what this evil thing was that was hunting them down, so it didn't bother me as much. This book was very different than any other thriller I have read, mainly due to the physics. I loved the twists and turns in it and liked the ending. Overall I enjoyed the book, I just think you have to realize the physics aspect is an important part of the book and just get through it. haha! Of course..if you like physics and understand it - you will have no problem at all.

new author/mystery/502pgs

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