Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cabin Pressure by Josh Wolk

This is a funny non-fiction book about a 34 year old man who decides to spend one last summer at his boyhood summer camp as a counselar. He always wanted to do it again and now that he is getting ready to marry - this is his last chance.

He has to deal with almost everyone else being younger than him, not knowing any of the other counselers, and not wanting to be seen as the old man at the camp.

This book is filled with funny stories about the things that the campers do and say.

I was going to mark some stuff to put in here, some of the funnier things, but seeing as how I have no post-its - that didn't happen.

I never went to summer camp but always wish that I had. This book gave me a glimps of what summer camp was like, at least for boys anyway. I think those of you who did go to summer camp would probably like this as a way to remember some stuff and those of you like me, who never went, would like all the funny stories about stuff that happened.

new author/non-fiction/270pgs

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Joy said...

This sounds very cute.