Friday, August 31, 2007

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

This is the 3rd in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

All Sookie wants to do after a long shift at herjob is come home and snuggle with Bill, her vampire boyfriend. However lately he has been occupied doing something on the compture. Then he tells her he has to leave for awhile and is on a mission for the Queen of Louisianna (Vampire Queen).

Then Bill doesn't come back but Eric, sherriff of this area, and says Bill has been kidnapped and might not be kept alive. They want whatever project Bill was working on before he left. Eric also tells Sookie that he has gotten together with another Vampire, one he used to be with before Sookie.

Even though Sookie is upset by all this news she also knows that she is the only one who can help. Eric calls in the favor of a werewolf he helped in the past. The werewolf takes Sookie to a vampire club in the area where Bill was stolen and she is able to pick up some info from the few humans who are there.

Everything gets worse, or maybe better, when Sookie gets a spike stuck in her side while trying to save other vampires and is taken to the very mansion where Bill is being held prisoner. However...will she be able to get out alive - and will Bill?

I really enjoy this series. If is funny and entertaining. I read it in one day (ok - I admit that most of that day was being spent getting a sun burn by a pool - but still....)

In's raining a little now and I would love to go to the store and by the next in the series. What better way to pass a rainy vacation day than in a bookstore?

I also must admit that I brought this book to read on the ride home as the first in my cozy mystery challenge - but i didn't make it. It is the smallest book I brought so it was at the top of the stack and everytime I walked by would call out to me. I just couldn't resist anymore!!


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