Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Last Suppers by Diane Mott Davidson

This is the 4th in the series.
It is Goldy's wedding day - she is getting married to Detective Tom Schultz and things couldn't be better. Or could they? Being a caterer she decided to make all the food herself, which means she has more to worry about than just making it down the aisle. Then when it is about time for the wedding to start Tom calls and says that the priest who is supposed to marrying them, has been killed. When the police go out to his house they find that Tom has also been kidnapped. Goldy, her son Arch, and the young gentleman who lives with them, Julian, are all very upset about this and want Tom to be found. As usual, Goldy gets herself into the mess of trying to solve this murder. In this book though it is more because she wants Tom back.
I really enjoy this series. I like the characters and I like the story line. I'll continue to read it...hopefully faster than I have been...but we know how that goes. haha! This book also has some recipes that I find interesting and think I will try.
tbr challenge/mystery/227pgs


Carey said...

I love this series. And Marla is hilarious. The only hazard I have in reading them is that I get so hungry and eat alot, oh well. The hazards of a good book are many :)

Thanks for posting the review.

BookGal said...

You may have turned me on to a new series ... thanks