Monday, August 20, 2007

Slip & Fall by Nick Santora

Rob Principe grew up in a working class family in New York and made his family proud by going to law school and graduating top of his class. He could have worked for any big law firm but instead decided to open up his own firm and handle work comp claims for people like his father. The only problem, the work really isn't coming in. Rob is soon faced with a pregnant wife, being close to loosing their house because he can't afford the mortgage, and a pregnant sister who has no income and moves in with him.

Rob's cousin, Jackie, works for the mob boss, Lou. In need of money and not sure what to do, Rob comes up with a plan on how to scam the insurance companies and save some lives. He turns to Jackie and Lou. When they come across somebody who can't pay a debt back to Lou, instead of Jackie killing them, Jackie brings them to Rob and Rob files a bogus work compl claim. When the insurance company pays, the mob gets the money and the guy is out of debt. Rob does this once and then wants out. But then when his sister finds out her baby has down syndrome, he does it again because they need the money. However..because Jackie keeps making the injuries similar the FBI is soon investigating this.

I thought this book was very good - pretty fast read for me. I thought it moved very well and fast. I liked the story and the charactors. I will mention that this author has also worked as a writer on shows such as Prison Break and the Sopranos. So maybe if you like those shows you would like this book.

new author/mystery/pg. 326


Joy said...

I think I'll look into this new author. Sounds good, thanks!

Literary Feline said...

Definitely another one to add to my wish list. Great review, Kris!