Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Murder of a Small-Town Honey by Denise Swanson

This is the first in the series.

Skye moves back to the small-town she grew up in and promised never to return to.

She is helping her Uncle at the county fair when she finds a dead body. Soon she finds out the women was killed with her brother's scissors. Her brother is arrested for murder and Skye's mom asks her to try solving the murder.

I thought this was a good book. I liked Skye and her family. I did at one point have to turn to the front of the book to see when it was written though because the clothes seemed dated to me - and what do you know? It was written in 2000. haha! I guess not that long ago - but I did think it was funny.

I have more of the books in this series at home and I look forward to reading them.

new author/mystery/238 pgs

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Erin said...

Just ordered this one, will let you know what I think once recieved and read :)