Friday, November 16, 2007

The Chocolate Jewel Case by JoAnna Carl

Lee and Joe are married and living in the family home. Unfortunately they aren't the only ones, they currently have 5 house guests. To make matters worse - they are in a heat wave and have no air conditioning.
Then a stranger shows up at the door and announces that he is Joe's father - only Joe's father died when he was 5.
There have also been a wave of robberies in the area and while Lee and Joe are at a neighbors for dinner - they robbers show up. of the men is found dead and it happens to be the man who claimed to be Joe's father. Also, one of the house guests is accused of being involved in the robberies.
This is the 7th in the series. I wish her Aunt had a role in this book just because I really like her Aunt, but it was still a good story. haha! I like Joe and Lee and enjoyed this book in the series and of course plan to keep updated with this one.

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