Friday, November 30, 2007

Where Angels Go by Debbie Macomber

I was actually reading a non-Christmas book and had to put it down because my Mom kept telling me how good all the Debbie Macomber Christmas books were. She is such an enabler!

So I picked it up and pretty much read it in one day. I love books like that.

The Archangel Gabriel sends 3 of his prayer ambassadors down to earth to help grant 3 prayer requests before Christmas. They only have about a week to help these wishes come true.

Mercy is assigned to Harry Alderwood. He knows his time on earth is limited and wants help convincing his wife to move into an assisted living facility. He wants everything planned and ready to go before he dies because he knows she will have a hard time with his death.

Goodness is assigned to Beth. Her Mom prayed that Beth would find a boyfriend before Christmas. Beth married young and was divorced soon after. Beth never did get back into dating, couldn't get over the divorce. However, she has been teamed up with a man named Peter on an online game for about 6 months, now that sounds promising.

Shirley is assigned to Gordon. He is 9 yrs old and all he wants is a puppy. His parents promised him one when he turned 9, but his Mom has lost her job and they can't afford a puppy, much less any Christmas presents this year. Will the stray he found become his?

This isn't the first book the three troublesome prayer ambassadors appear in. I believe the first one they appear in was in 1993 and titled A Season of Angels. Here is the list at the authors website:
I could follow this one with no problem though - so don't think you have to read them in order.

I love this time of year. Christmas books are one of my favorite types but being the odd person that I am, will only read them at Christmas time. This book was just the type for me. It was a fun read where everything turns out for the best. haha! A little sappy huh? Well it is Christmas time after all. My Mom has several other books by this author, no more in this angel series though. However, once I print off the list and say look Ma! There are more! I think you know what will happen. Next time she comes home from the bookstore, she will have bought several of them. haha! So look forward to more reviews for Christmas books by this author.

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Wyanne said...

Wow...this book sounds wonderful! I've got to run out and get it! Thanks for writing about it.

April said...

I have this one and hope to get it squeezed in before xmas. I am the same way - once xmas is over, I just can't get into the xmas stories any long, even though they are so wonderful.