Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Author Signing - Christopher Rice

Christopher Rice was in town for a book signing, and since we know I'm addicted to getting my books signed, I went. My Mom went with me too.

On the way there my Mom asked if she would like his books, should she get a copy. I said no, don't worry about getting a copy, I already own 2 and I'll buy the new one and the other I don't have, so she can borrow mine.

Again, when I was buying mine she asked if she should get one and I said not to worry about it. See, usually when she goes to book signings with me she is familiar with the author and will purchase the book to get it signed too.

Let me tell you, she liked listening to him and thought he was a good speaker and was funny and the book sounded interesting to her, so she ended up buying her own copy. haha!

He didn't read from the book, which in my opinion is a good thing. He talked about where the idea came from and how he ended up writing this story. Then he basically opened the floor for questions. I'll admit that I agree with my Mom. He was interesting, he was funny, and he kept my interest. And...he was willing to pose with silly me. haha! We also won't mention that I'm insanely jealous, I think we are close in age, and while he is a successful author, I'm, um, successful at resetting passwords.

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Literary Feline said...

That is so neat, Kris! I read Density of Souls by Christopher Rice quite a while ago and really enjoyed it. I have another two of his books on my shelf waiting to be read and the new one looks good as well. I am glad you got the chance to meet him and hear him speak.