Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Glory in Death by J.D. Robb

Glory in Death is the 2nd in the series.

Eve Dallas has been made the primary investigator on a murder that is getting a lot of media attention. The murdered women was an acquaintance and a very popular lawyer. She was killed in a part of town she wouldn't usually be found in.

While dealing with this murder, Eve must also deal with her relationship with Roarke. She loves him, but due to issues when she was a child, she has problems showing it and telling him, she wants to remain independent.

So while dealing with all this, another murder happens. This was also a powerful and well known female. It appears to be done by the same guy. Eve starts to believe it was somebody in the first women's family, but was it really?

I read the first in the series awhile ago and enjoyed it, not sure why I didn't read this one sooner. I enjoyed this book. I plan to continue reading the series too. This series does take place in the future, but what I like about it is that the author doesn't go into detail about how things work, she just mentions them in the story but you figure out what they are and what they do. I talked to somebody recently who finished her latest book, Strangers in Death, which is the 26th book in the series and they said they are still enjoying the series. So, at least I know I have 24 more books to look forward to!

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Joy said...

This is good to know! Glad you liked the second one just as much as the first. That gives me hope. :)

Anonymous said...

*Psst* It's Eve Dallas. Apparently Eve Duncan is the Iris Johansen series? How confusing.

I think I'm up to about book 13 or so, and I'm still looking forward to the each one as much as I did back when I first started reading the series in March 2001.

Kris said...

Oh geez, I can't believe I did that. Thanks for bringing the mistake in the last name to my attention kristiestamps - I corrected it.