Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You know you have a Harry Potter addiction when....

You have two co-workers to try to somehow get the ringtone file you have saved on your flash your phone.

Then you search until said co-worker finds a memory card that will fit into your phone, so you put the file on it, insert into phone, but can't figure it out.

Then you log into your wireless account online and try to upload it so you can then send it to yourself as a picture.

Then when that doesn't start asking around to see if anybody has a bluetooth device that would somehow get the file to your phone.

Then when that doesn't work you go online and find a usb bluetooth device that should hopefully work, then find it cheaper on ebay. You purchase it and anxiously wait the 10 shipping days for it to arrive.

When it does arrive you get mad at your husband because he wants to take down cabinets in the kitchen, so you can't immediately run to your pc and install the bluetooth device in order to get said ringtone to your phone.

Then you finally get a chance to sit at the pc, and you can get the file to your phone, but can't get it recognized as a ringtone.

Then you go into work the next day and when co-worker arrives, start bombarding co-worker with help requests until they finally help you get the Harry Potter ringtone set up as a ringtone on your phone.

Now of course you are upset because you have the fun ringtone, but nobody ever calls you.

That are way to addicted to Harry Potter.
(but the ringtone is awesome!!! haha!)

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