Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva

With his latest book, Daniel Silva takes us through Moscow and France as Gabriel Allon tries to get information needed in order to stop an al-Qaeda attack. He is supposed to be on his honeymoon, but Gabriel gets word that a reported in Moscow has some information and will only speak with Gabriel. He travels to Rome to meet the reporter but before he can, the reporter is murdered. This is the 2nd reporter to be murdered and he believes there is a link.

Gabriel works with his boss and it is determined that he should go to Moscow and meet the only reporter left who might have the information. Traveling under a fake name and occupation, he meets with the reporter. He is able to get the information needed. It appears the person who has contacted the reporter about the possible attacks, is the wife of Ivan Kharkov. Ivan is a millionaire who actually sold the weapons to the al-Qaeda. Now Gabriel must figure out how to get in touch with the wife and get the information needed to stop the attacks before they happen.

Overall thoughts? I really enjoyed this book. I admit that it took me awhile to get in to it. I have heard good things about the authors books and have been wanting to read one for awhile. That being said, they are a different type of mystery than I am used to reading and I think that's why it just took me longer to really get into the story. Once I did, I was sucked in. I really liked Gabriel and some of the other characters. I couldn't wait to see how they would carry out some of the plans they did. That's probably what I liked the most, knowing what they needed to do and that it seemed impossible, then reading about how they did it.

This is actually the 8th book in the series. I thought this was a stand-alone. Haha! Now that I know it's a series, I can honestly say that I don't think it mattered that I read the book out of order. I never felt like I was missing something. Now that I do know it's a series, I think I need to start at the beginning, so plan on seeing more reviews for this author later on.

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