Friday, September 26, 2008

On Thin Ice by Alina Adams

Bex is a researcher for 24/7. Her job is ice skating. She gets a call from Toni, a figure skating coach. Toni tells her that she has a student who is the next best thing, but that his father won't let him compete. Toni wants Bex to research Jeremy and get 24/7 to do a piece on him so that maybe his father can be convinced to let him compete.

Bex decides to tape Jeremy skating so that she can show Gil, her boss. While doing this, Jeremy's father shows up and takes the tape. He is very mad at Bex. He ends up taking Jeremy and disappearing. This gives Bex an idea for a different news story. She starts to research skaters who showed lots of promise, but ended up leaving skating and disappearing. She finds and interviews Robby, Felicia, and Rachel. Little does she know that everyone is connected in some way. A couple of days after Bex interviews Rachel, Rachel is murdered. Now Bex is determined to figure out what happened and how all of this ties together.

This is actually the 2nd in the series (I was confused and thought it was the first). I wasn't blown away by this book, but I did like it. I thought it was interesting to see how everyone was connected to each other. Sometimes Bex got on my nerves a bit, I think that's why I didn't like the book as much as I otherwise would have. Of course it could also be because I'm really stressed right now – who knows. Haha! I did like it enough to plan on reading more in the series though.

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Heidi said...

Bex got on my nerves at times also.LOL But I keep reading them.
I have the newest one sitting here somewhere. I will have to read it.

Ladytink_534 said...

I've never been ice skating but I've always wanted to (even though I know without a doubt I would fall down- a LOT)! Interesting sounding series!