Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mercy Street by Mariah Stewart

Two high school kids are found murdered in a park, and two more are missing. The grandmother of one of the missing kids knows her son didn't committee the crime, but the police are busy looking into a sniper shooting and don't have the resources to put more effort into finding the two kids. The grandmother works at a catholic school and when Father Burch learns that she is planning to take out a loan to hire a PI to find the missing kids, he steps in. His cousin has more money than he knows what to do with (wish I had that problem) and agrees to pay for the PI. The police chief recommends one of his ex-detectives who left the force recently, Mallory Russo. She actually partners up with the detective who is taking her place on the force, Charlie Wanamaker.

Mallory thinks outside the box. She believes that the two missing kids did not murder the other two. Instead, she believes the kids are in hiding and fearful for her life. She also believes it has something to do with a robbery that went bad not too long ago. One of the kids was a witness to the other crime.

With Charlie's help, they follow leads that end up taking them to the killer.

Of course, it's not all that easy is it? The majority of the police force doesn't like Mallory. The story comes out while you are reading the book, so you'll know why. Charlie is new to the force and town, so he gets the story, but still works with Mallory because he believes nothing was her fault and that she is a good detective. One of the detectives, in particular, is out to cause trouble for Mallory.

There is also the side story for Charlie. Problems at home with his Mom and his younger sister. He came back to this town because they need him.

There is also a story to the guy who is funding the PI. I don't think I ruin anything by mentioning that his wife and child disappeared without a trace. So this story runs in the background as well.

While I make it seem like there is a lot going on. Don't worry. It's very easy to follow and I think it all flows really well.

Overall thoughts? I really enjoyed the story and plan to read more by this author. I have heard a lot about the author, Mariah Stewart, but this is the first book I have read by her. I thought the story kept my interest and was well written. There is some romance between Mallory and Charlie. Sometimes some of the things Charlie says doesn't seem like something that would happen in real life, but maybe it's just because it never happened to me. Haha!

The way the story ends makes you wonder if there will be more books written with these characters. I did some checking, and I believe this will end up being a trilogy, I think. If it is, I'll definitely read the other books that have these same characters.

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