Friday, December 12, 2008

Confessions of a Contractor by Richard Murphy

Henry is a contractor in LA. He has loyal employees, Miguel and Hector. Things begin to get complicated when Henry and his crew finish at Sally Stein. Why would things get complicated? Because Henry is attracted to her and it appears that she is attracted to him. She invites him to a dinner she throws to show off the new house and have her friends met Henry. When she sits next to him at the dinner table, a meal that is served in the dark while they are wearing blind folds, things get a little out of control. To sum it up, they become an "item" after that. Meanwhile, Henry takes on a job at Rebecca Paulson's house. He knows he shouldn't have, but he couldn't say no. At the same time, Sally has asked him to convert her garage into a guest house. Hector and Miguel know it's a bad move to try and do both jobs, but Henry does it anyway.

Things get even more complicated when Henry realizes that Sally and Rebecca used to be friends. Things get even more complicated when Henry realizes he is falling for both women. He tries to not like Rebecca and not get involved, but it's hard. The husband also seems to be pushing him towards his wife, which seems really strange.

Now for my thoughts, I know you are dying to know what I thought. Honestly, I loved this book. It was the perfect read for me right now. It was light and fun. The style of writing was very easy to follow. I felt like Henry was telling me the story, like he would tell a friend. There were times when he would back track and talk about how he ended up in LA or about other jobs that had been down. This didn't take away from the story though. I think it went well with how the author wrote it. If I was telling a story to a friend about something that happened in my life, I would be very likely to interrupt it to talk about something else that happened to me because I thought it relevant to the story. It felt like the author was doing the same thing.

I really like Henry. Sure, he makes some mistakes; he might not even be the best boyfriend. can't help really liking the guy and hoping for the best.

I think this is a great debut book by the author, and hope to see more from him soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. This one's on my wish list.

Ladytink_534 said...

It does sound like an interesting book and very well-told for a debut!

Bookfool said...

That sounds really fun! I love the cover.

tanabata said...

I'm glad to hear you liked it. I won it in a giveaway not too long ago but hadn't really heard much about it.

Kris said...

bermudaonion - hope you get it soon!

Ladytink - I thought it was a great debut book.

Bookfool - haha - I loved the cover too!

Tanabata - oh...hope you like it when you get around to reading it. I'll be watching for a review!