Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Greetings from...snowy St. Louis?

I was on vacation for a week. Did you miss me? Did you even know I was gone? sniff sniff

Don't worry, I didn't mention I would be gone on my blog. Figured it was probably best if the world didn't know that, even though we did talk to the local police department and they agreed to do patrols in our neighborhood and by our house while we were gone.

Plus, I did lots of posting! The I had created and scheduled to be published while I was gone. However when I got the resort I found the Internet cafe. Oh...what more could a girl ask for! So I was able to to review all my books while on vacation instead of waiting for my return. are dying to know. Where was I? Jamaica!!! Ya mon!! The weather was great! Husband and I both love warm weather and the beach, so we escaped cold STL for a week. We were hoping there would be bad weather in STL while we were bone, but no such luck. We got lots of snow, somewhere between 5-8 inches (depending on where you live) yesterday. The day we returned! augh!!!! Somebody has it out for me.

We stayed at a Couples resort. Couples is an all-inclusive resort. We love that, because we don't want to have to worry about food and tipping and leaving the resort. We went to Couples Negril about 5 years ago and loved it. Husband was itching for a beach resort vacation so he looked around and found that Couples Swept Away had a great deal. This resort was down the road, on the same beach as the Couples Negril, so we knew it was a great location. It's an all-inclusive resort. When we went 5 years ago it was for couples only. I thought that was still the case but Husband thinks they might have changed that policy. I like that it's only couples. We aren't big into partying and loud, drunken crowds, so Couples was perfect for us.

We booked the least expensive room, 'cause that's how we are. We were there for the sun and the waves, not the room. However, because we were repeat customers and because Husband told them we were celebrating our anniversary, we got some perks. First, they upgraded our room. The room we were supposed to have didn't have a tv. The room they upgraded us to had a tv and a mini-bar. There were also about 4-5 large bottles of alcohol in the room and 2 bottles of wine. This was an all-inclusive resort, so that means we wouldn't have to pay for anything we took out of the mini bar. I'll admit that we didn't really use the mini bar much. I think I drank about 2 soda's and we drank some of the water. We only had one drink with the alcohol the whole time. So while we didn't really use it, we think it was really nice and made the resort stand out.

We also got a free 30 minute massage each. Oh yeah....that was wonderful. Husband liked it a lot too, it was his first massage. I suggested that we get a massage for our anniversary every year. He gave me the "I don't think so" look, but said he would think about it.

We were also each given a t-shirt when we arrived. We arrived with a van full of others and I noticed that not everyone got one. When we left we were also given an insulated lunch bag with two bottles of water and two granola bars. Again, I noticed that not everyone was given one of these.

All-in-all it was a wonderful trip. I read 3 books and I'm almost finished with the 4th. I would have finished it but wasn't feeling 100% yesterday as we were traveling back home, so I watched movies instead. We spent our days eating and laying out by the pool with dips in the ocean to cool off. The sand was white and clean. The ocean was clear and cool. The employee's were very nice. The entertainment was good. Would I go back? Absolutely! In fact, I know we will. Probably not soon, give us a couple of years, but I know we'll head back.

What's that? Oh! I took some, not my normal hundreds. haha! I sorta broke something inside my pc the night before we left and have it held together with scotch tape (haha - don't ask). So if it's still working today, I'll have pictures posted online and share them with you tonight or tomorrow.


Kathrin said...

Glad you're back and enjoyed the vacation :-) Sounds like a wonderful place...

Beth F said...

Wow!! Sounds like you had a great time while we were freezing up here!

cessie said...

I love holidays like bring a pile of books and have all time of the world reading them ;-).

Kris said...

Cessie - It does make for a wonderful vacation. I'm ready to get back to a "busy" vacation, but husband is all ready for another beach trip. We'll see what happens...haha!