Thursday, February 19, 2009

Steel Trapp: The Challenge by Ridley Pearson

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Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Disney Edition, Disney Book Group
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 324 pg
Challenges: 2009 Read-Your-Own Books, 2009 Young Adult Challenge
New-to-me author? No, but this is the first young adult book I have read by the other, the other one was an adult mystery

Simple Description
Steel, real name Steven, is on his way to a National Science Challenge in Washington D.C. Steel is of a rare breed, he has a photographic memory. While sitting on the train with his Mom, still in the station, he noticed a lady get up and leave. The thing that is cause for concern is that she left the briefcase that she brought on board with her. Steel grabs the briefcase and runs after her. The only problem is that when he catches up with her, she denies it is hers. Steel knows otherwise but doesn't have much of an option except to bring the briefcase back on the train.

There is an evil man on the train, the briefcase was supposed to go to him. Before he can get the briefcase from the boy, the boy and his Mom give it to a conductor. This even man convinces the conductor to take him to the baggage car but by then the briefcase is missing.

The briefcase is missing because Steel managed to get into the baggage car to see his dog. While there, he noticed the briefcase and managed to get a peak at what was inside. Inside was a picture of a women, she was tied, he knows she was kidnapped. There were some numbers on the picture too. He hid the briefcase instead of putting it back. While in the baggage car he meets young Kaileigh. Kaileigh was supposed to be in the same science challenge but her project was stolen. Kaileigh and Steel get involved in the investigation with the briefcase and the evil man.

Why did I read this book?
Last year the author was in town for a book signing. Silly me, I had just read an adult mystery book by him and hadn't realized he also wrote young adult. Imagine my surprise when I show up and the room is full to overflowing with kids. This book was the newest one to be released and I thought it sounded good, so I got it.

What I liked most:
I liked that it's about two smart kids who help the adults find the bad guys. It was a fun book to read and the whole time I was wondering why books like this weren't out when I was growing up. I mean, I'm not that old….

Was there something I didn't like?
I didn't always like the way the Mom was portrayed. She was made out to be somewhat stupid. I get that Steel is incredibly smart and in comparison, most wouldn't seem too intelligent next to him, but the Mom, she was just made out to be less intelligent than I think was necessary for the story.

Do I recommend the book?
I do! I really enjoyed this book. I think kids and adults will enjoy this one.

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Marie said...

it's always neat when you find out there's more than you knew to your favorite author. i love that! glad you found a new facet of ridley pearson to enjoy.

Kris said...

Marie -I agree! It was a pleasant surprise.