Sunday, February 15, 2009

Techie Help - Word 2007

I believe the pictures are probably hard to see since I decided to embed the document, for a full screen view, click here.

word 2007


Beth F said...

Is it true that you can't customize the ribbons in the way you can customize your toolbars in last version? I am a kinda power user of Word and I have customized everything and have written macros. I'm worried that I won't have the same flexibility in Word 2007.

Kris said...

Beth - I never customized the toolbars in the older versions..but played around with 2007 and didn't see a way to do it. I've also been through training for this version and it was never mentioned, so I don't think you can. Although the macro function is still available. They do have a quick access toolbar where you can add functions to that you use all the time, so that might be an option for you. It's default location is by the office button, above the ribbon, but it can be moved below the ribbon and can be pretty long. I haven't put too much on that yet, but think I will.

If you have used the quick parts before, I think it's easy to use with this one.

You can download a trial version of 2007. So if it's something you were interested in, you could try that.

Beth F said...

Thanks, Kris. I may check out the trial version or skip this incarnation altogether.

Kris said...

Beth - yeah - if you don't need to might not want to. I personally love it, but I didn't customize my toolbars before either. I'm sure the next version will still have the ribbons, but maybe they'll allow you to customize.