Saturday, March 14, 2009

The 13th Reality: The Hunt for Dark Infinity by James Dashner

Copyright: 2009

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Genre: Young Adult

Pages: 433

Challenges: The Pub Challenge

New-to-me author? No

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Simple Description

Tick, Paul, and Sofia are all hanging out at Tick's house when they are summed by Master George. It appears there is something going on with the realities that is cause for concern. When the three go to the cemetara to be whisked away, Mr. Chu, Tick's science teacher, shows up and convinces them to put some kind of device on their arms. T hey are then winked away, but not where they thought they were going. The are sent to this reality where the buildings are all built below the ground. There they are chased by metaspides and then winked away to a desert. There they encounter a long cylindrical pipe that has a hidden door. Once inside they press a button hat starts yet another challenge where they are afraid for their lives. The three can't believe that Master George is behind this, but if he isn't, then who is?

Back with Master. George…he realizes that something is wrong with the three kids and sends somebody out to find them. They are found and a locator is put on Tick so that Master George can follow him from reality to reality. It appears that Reginald Chu is behind all of this. He has set up a series of challenges and if Tick makes it alive, then Tick is supposed to be his partner running Dark Infinity. If Mistress Jane kills Tick, then she gets to be Chu's partner.

Dark infinity is an invention my Reginald Chu that seems to make people go crazy. Master. George sends Sato out to get a sample of blood from an infected person. However things go horrible wrong and Sato ends up being infected. He makes it back to Mr. George in time to tell them what happened so that a cure can be found.

Why did I read this book?

I read the first in the series and really enjoyed it. Then a couple of weeks ago this one arrived in the mail. I wasn't expecting it and was excited for days, I couldn't wait to read it.

What I liked most:

I like the adventure and that it's fun. Tick, Paul, and Sofia are going out on these wild adventures that are dangerous, but sound like loads of fun at the same time.

Was there something I didn't like?

While I like all the charactors, I thought it was a bit annoying that Paul and Sofia always seemed to be going after one another. I get that it's just who they are and they clash a bit, but sometimes it got annoying.

Do I recommend the book?

Yes. I think kids will really like this one. The characters are good, the adventure is fun, and the books are well written. I wish books like this were around when I was growing up!


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Ladytink_534 said...

I've read three reviews on this over the week. Bloggers really seem to enjoy it!

Kris said...

ladytink - I think this is a fun series, glad to hear that others do too, I haven't read any other reviews but I'm really behind on reading blog posts again.