Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The I suck at challenges challenge – update 3(March)

I came across this one over at book-a-rama and thought I would play along. I didn't do very well with challenges last year, so I think I qualify for this one.


Overall Progress?

I read 7 books for challenges this month. I thought that was pretty good considering I only read 9 books. I didn't finish any challenges, although I'm over half-way in a couple.


Total challenges that I'm competing in as of March 1st: 10

Completed Challenges in March: 0


Total completed challenges in 2009: 1

20 Books in 2009 - Challenge Completed (February)


Challenges I read a qualifying book for in March:

The Pub Challenge

I read 3 books (The 13th Reality: The Hunt for Dark Infinity, The School of Essential Ingredients, No Sanctuary)

At the end of March I had 3/9 completed

Paranormal 2009

I read 1 books (Breaking Dawn)

At the end of March had 4/7 completed

Read-Your-Own Books

I read 1 books (Chasing Harry Winston)

At the end of March I had 8/26 completed

War Through The Generations

I read 1 books (Love and Sand)

At the end of March I had 1/5 completed

9 books for 2009

I read 1 book (The book of Chameleons)

At the end of March I had 3/9 completed


Progress for challenges that I didn't read a book for in March:

Series Challenge 3

At the end of March I had 4/12 completed

1st in a series challenge

At the end of March I had 0/12 completed

Chunkster Challenge

At the end of March I had 0/3 completed

TBR Challenge

At the end of March I had 2/24 completed (I'm counting my main list and alternate list since I'm going to try and read all of them)

Young Adult

At the end of March I had 3/12 completed


Literary Feline said...

I need to sit down and do an progress report for the I Suck At Challenges Challenge. Right now I'm feeling like that's a very apt title. :-S

It looks like you are doing well, Kris! Keep up the good work.

Beth F said...

I completed a couple of challenges, but I have others that aren't even started!!

Kris said...

Literary feline - I think it helps me to do this challenge - because I can see my progress throughout the year.

Beth F. - I have some that I haven't started yet either! haha! And...2 more started this month. Yikes!

Smilingsal said...

I have several challenges going on. I like to get the buttons for my sidebar, but it doesn't really affect my reading habits as I read to review.
However, it does take time to keep the organizational aspect going.

Kris said...

Smiling Sal - I like to put the buttons on my sidebar too. It's fun when I can mark them as completed...Hope I can do that to all of them this year. haha!