Thursday, April 30, 2009

The I suck at challenges challenge – update 4(April)

I came across this one over at book-a-rama and thought I would play along every month, maybe this is exactly what I need to make sure I complete the challenges I joined this year. This is the challenge wrap-up post for April.

How many books did I read for challenges?
I read a total of 6 books that counted towards challenges. Due to overlapping books for some challenges, I was able to mark off 9 challenge books.
(that made sense right?)

How is my progress so far?
I think I'm doing pretty good so far. The only challenges I haven't read a book for yet are two that I joined this month. This month I wanted to focus on review books, since I'm rather behind. So that's why I didn't do better with challenges. As luck would have it, I was able to use several of the review books towards challenges, but not all of them.

Total challenges that I'm competing in as of April 1st:
13 challenges (this doesn't count the completed challenges)

Completed Challenges in April
None - I'm close on a couple - so maybe next month I can list at least one here.

Total completed challenges in 2009:
20 Books in 2009 - Challenge Completed

Challenges I read a qualifying book for in April:
The Pub Challenge
I read 3 books (The Help, Hella Nation, Dog on It)
At the end of April I had 6/9 completed

Read-Your-Own Books
I read 1 book (Tacked to Death)
At the end of April I had 9/26 completed

War Through The Generations
I read 1 book (Germania)
At the end of April I had 2/5 completed

Series Challenge 3
I read 1 book (Tacked to Death)
At the end of April I had 8/25 completed

1st in a series challenge
I read 1 book (Rules of Prey (alternate))
At the end of April I had 1/12 completed

Chunkster Challenge
I read 1 book (The Help)
At the end of April I had 1/3 completed

Cozy Mystery Challenge (April-Sept)
I read 1 books (Tacked to Death)
At the end of April had 1/6 completed

Progress for challenges that I didn't read a book for in April:
9 books for 2009 - 3 out of 9 completed
Arthurian Challenge (April 2009 – March 2010) - 0 out of 2 completed
Love Bites (April – June) - 0 out of 3 completed
Young Adult – 3 out of 12 completed
Paranormal 2009 – 4 out of 7 completed
TBR Challenge – 2 out of 24 completed

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