Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cozy Mystery Challenge

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Click HERE to see a list of books read in May for the cozy mystery challenge.
If the reader linked it to a review, you will be able to click on the title to then see their review.

As before, it's not required that you fill out the form for the book(s) you read, but it's fun to see what everyone reads.

Please use the form below to enter the book you read for the cozy mystery challenge. Last time there was an issue where it seemed to just take awhile after you hit submit, try refreshing the page and then you can see if it took by clicking here. If it didn't take, try again or just leave a comment or email me and I'll enter it.


Dorte H said...

Oh, I searched for this post a few hours ago, and when I couldn´t find it, I put my review in the April folder.
I will put it with the May posts now.

Kris said...

Dorte - no worries. That's actually what reminded me that I needed to create a new post. haha!

Dorte H said...

Kris, I just found an interesting article about cozy mysteries. Thought you might like it.


Kristie said...


I got my wonderful coupon in the mail today! It was so exciting... I ran out and used it today. I probably should have saved it to try and pair with some ECBs or RR but I was too excited! Thanks a bunch! How did you get them again?

Kris said...

Dorte - Thanks so much for sharing that link with me and my readers - I enjoyed reading it.

Kristie - I tested several of the products for bzzagent. A lot of times when you get to test a product they also give you coupons to share with others, as you tell them about the product. This was one product I was more than happy doing that with.

Rhinoa said...

Two down, four to go! I am really enjoying this challenge so far as I had only read one mystery before this.

Kris said...

Rhinoa - You're doing great! SO glad you are enjoying the challenge!

Diane said...

Kris...did i miss something, I thought the cozy mystery challenge ran from April 1 to Sept 30th??

Kris said...

Diane - it does...so since it's only July 11th, you still have almost 2.5 months still to complete the challenge.