Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Copyright: 2008

Publisher: Harper Collins Children

Genre: Young Adult

Pages: 312

Challenges: 9 books for 2009

New-to-me author? yes

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Simple Description

Nobody Owens survived being murdered when he was a toddler.  A man came into his house and killed the rest of the family.  While the man was doing that, Nobody Owens walked out the front door and up the street to the graveyard.  The ghosts were out and because he was a kid, Nobody was able to see them.  His Mom’s ghost briefly showed and asked the other ghosts to watch over him.  At this point, the murdered was trying to get into the cemetery to get this toddler.  The ghosts decided the toddler would live with them and be protected as long as he was in the cemetery.  Silas is a man who lives in the cemetery and isn’t a ghost.  He agrees to help with Nobody Owens, since he is the only one who can leave the cemetery to get food, clothes, and other items.

This is the story of how Nobody Owens grows up being taught by ghosts and looked after them.  At one point he meets a young girl.  They have lots of fun playing, but her parents decide to relocate and so once again Nobody is by himself with the ghosts and Silas.  When he is older Nobody learns about what happened to his family and that the man is still after him.  He convinces Silas and the ghosts that it is in his best interest to attend school.  He does this, until he is noticed and once again needs to stay in the cemetery where he is protected.

Eventually the man is able to find Nobody and comes after him. 

Why did I read this book?

I had heard this was a great book and since it won the Newbery Medal award I was also able to use it for a challenge.

What I liked most:

I liked it’s originality.  I’ve never read a book where the ghosts raise a real flesh and blood child and teach him and watch over him.  I thought the idea and the basis of the story was excellent.

Was there something I didn’t like?

I think because of all the hype surrounding this book, I was a bit disappointed.  It has nothing to do with the book, really, just that I was expecting more.  This happens all the time to me though….the more a book is recommended, the more I expect from it and set myself up to be disappointed.

Do I recommend the book?

I do.  Even though I expected more and was a bit disappointed, I still felt this was a great book and an excellent read.

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bermudaonion said...

I read my first Gaiman (Coraline) recently and I definitely want to read more, so this is on my wish list.

christina said...

Y'know - I felt the same way about The Graveyard Book. It was good, I enjoyed it, but somehow I felt like there needed to be *more* based off of the hype.

I don't know. Maybe a lot of it had to do with I had just finished Coraline and absolutely adored that YA book by Gaiman. I would totally check that one out.

Literary Feline said...

Hi, Kris! This sounds like such a fun book--and I agree, the idea of ghosts raising a child is definitely a new idea to me. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Ladytink_534 said...

Oh, I'm sorry you were disappointed! :( I just loved this one so much. I honestly believe it's my favorite Gaiman book so far. Thank you for the link!