Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where have I been?

Thanks to everyone who has commented lately!  Sorry I haven't responded.   I've been studying for a very hard test and so I had to pretty much not check email or go online etc. Otherwise I would have never studied.  To make matters worse...I haven't read a fun book in days!!!!  I was taking my study matterials into the bedroom with me and reading those at night, I was reading them when I ate breakfest, I was even riding the bike for my workout instead of running so I could sit and study!  Talk about boring.  

I'm happy to say that I passed the exam today!  Woohoo!!!!!!!!  I took it last year and failed, so I was super nervouse about taking it again.  I'm working on getting an A+ certification, it's an IT certification. I have two different tests I have to pass in order to get the certification.  Each test cost almost $200. So you can imagine that not only do I feel depressed and upset that I didn't pass it last year when I took it, I was pissed about "wasting" the money too.  But that's all behind me!  I passed the first test today!!!  Woohoo!  I am going to review my study materials on here later, I know you are all dying to hear about it. haha!

So that's where I've been. I've been here but missing in action.  I am so way behind on reading all of your blogs, I apologize.  I think I'll try to skim most posts but probably wont' comment a whole bunch, I might even have to just mark all as read too.  I've been studying for several I have over 1000 posts unread.  

Also..I still have 1 more test to take. I want to take it either the end of this month or early next month. So that means after this weekend..I'm going to have to force myself to study hard again.  So I'll be MIA just a bit longer (I hope..I hope it doesn't take me forever to pass this next exam). 

So thanks for everyone who has continued to view my blog and comment -even though I've had to stay away for awhile.  Once I pass this next test (thinking positive thoughts!) I won't be doing anything like this least not for a long time.  So it will be back to normal!  

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bermudaonion said...

Congratulations on passing your test!