Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Benny and Shrimp by Katarina Mazetti

Copyright: 2009
Publisher: Penguin
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 209
Challenges: None
New-to-me Author: Yes
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Simple Description:
Desiree's husband has passed away and left her a widow in her early 30's and with no children and a ticking biological clock. The thing is, she isn't all that upset that he isn't there, just guilty that she feels that way. One day while visiting his grave she meets Benny. He tends the grave next to her husbands. Soon Desiree and Benny are seeing each other. Here's the thing though, they are complete opposites. Benny owns a dairy farm outside of town and never went to collage. He works all day and is looking for a wife who is able to cook for him and take care of the house and help him on the farm. Desiree is an educated woman who works in the library. She went to college and loves to read. She can't cook or keep house. Their relationship is a bit weird. They mostly only see each other on the weekends and maybe once during the week. Right away they know the relationship probably can't work, but the attraction they feel is so strong. Soon you can see that things might end up disastrous but it's like a car have to keep going.

Now what you really want to thoughts:
There is a quote on the front cover of the book that says "Offbeat, charming and fun - and also seriously addictive." That definitely sums up this book! You can't help but enjoy each of the main characters, Benny and Desiree (Shrimp). Each is funny and charming in their own way. One thing I loved about this book is that each chapter (each are rather short) alternates from being Desiree or Benny's point of view. The cool thing about this is that something will happen in one chapter and you get that character's point of view. Then the next chapter is the other character and you get their view on what happened too. I loved that!

I definitely recommend this one to others, it's a quick read, a fun book, I think several of you will enjoy it.

Thanks to Caitlin at FSB Associates for providing this book for review.


bermudaonion said...

Sounds like a good book since I love offbeat characters! Thanks for the review.

Kris said...

Bermudaonion - If you love offbeat charactors - I bet you will love this one. They are both so quirky.

Kaye said...

Quirky was one of th descriptions of the book too and I think that fit perfectly. Like you, I really liked the differing view point in the chapters.

Isabel said...

Thanks for taking part in 9 for '09 Challenge. Loved your review.