Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Buy a book and read it - The Cougar Club

I'm participating in the Buy one book and read it 2010 Challenge and I thought the best way to keep track of the books I buy and plan to read this year is to post them on my blog. Lucky you readers get a sneak peek at what's to come (eventually) and why I bought the book.

Last night I went to the kick-off, book launch, signing for The Cougar Club by Susan McBride. The author is based in STL I always try to go to a book signing for her newest release. I like to drag my Mom to them too. Although, I guess I'm not dragging her, she does enjoy going.

If you haven't read any books by Susan McBride, I recommend checking out her website for a list of books or just do a search on my blog. I've read all her books (well..I still haven't read the last in the mystery series but that's because I didn't want it to end and was saving it..I plan to read it this year though). She has written a cozy mystery series, which is what I first fell in love with. Then that line was cut by Avon and she came out with a YA series, which I also enjoyed. This book, The Cougar Club, is the first woman's fiction book.

Here's a bit about the book, which I copied from the author's website:

If you think that life—and romance—end at forty…think again!

Meet three women who aren’t about to run and hide, just because the world says they should be on the shelf and out of circulation:

Kat Maguire: her life seems perfect until she loses her high-powered advertising job and catches her live-in lover in a compromising position—with his computer!

Carla Moss: this sexy TV news anchor is in danger of being replaced by a twenty-something blond bimbo. Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was the up and coming star?

Elise Randolph: a married dermatologist, Elise thinks her plastic surgeon husband is playing doctor with someone else.

Kat firmly believes that aging gracefully isn’t about giving up; it’s about living life with your engine on overdrive. So this unofficial “Cougar Club” quickly learns three things about survival of the fittest in today’s youth-obsessed society: true friendship never dies, the only way to live is real, and you’re never too old to follow your heart.


bermudaonion said...

What fun! I love bookish events!

Kris said...

Bermudaonion - I do too! I try to go to all book signings in my area for authors I read or want to read. I sometimes feel like I'm stalking all the authors. haha!