Monday, February 1, 2010

Monthly Challenge Update - January

Total challenges I'm participating in during 2010: 17
Total challenges completed in 2010: 1

Overall Thoughts:
I've started out the new year with a far as reading challenges are concerned. I finished one challenge, just in the nick of time! Glad to have at least one of the 17 finished. Haha! I have another that will be ending in March that I haven't read any books for, I need to get cracking.
So far I'm enjoying all the challenges, I put all the books I own that I'm reading for a challenge in the same area and I love browsing that collection looking for my next read.

This month I read at least 1 book for the following challenge(s):
Pages Read (1,951/31,000)
100+ Reading Challenge (8/100)
101 Fantasy Challenge (3/7) Blood Bound, Trickster's Choice
Series Challenge (1/7 books, 0/3 series) Blood Bound
New Author Challenge (2/15 completed) Trickster's Choice, Prime Time
Young Adult Challenge (1/12 completed) Trickster's Choice
Thriller and Suspense Challenge (2/12 completed) The Witch's Grave, The Last to Know
TBR Challenge (3/24 completed) The Witch's Grave, Blood Bound, Trickster's Choice
Audio Book (2/20 completed) Bones to Ashes, Trickster's Choice
Chick Lit Challenge (1/8 completed) Everyone Worth Knowing

Challenges I didn't read a book for:
Arthurian Challenge (0/2)
What's in a Name?3 Challenge (0/6 completed)
Year of the Historical (0/12 completed)
War through the Generations (Vietnam) (0/5 completed)
Stephanie Plum Challenge (2/5 completed)
Buy 1 Book and Read It (0/12 completed) (only 1 book bought so far!)

Completed Challenges:
Reliquiae Challenge - Finished in January

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