Monday, March 1, 2010

Monthly Challenge Update

Total challenges I'm participating in during 2010: 17
Total challenges completed in 2010: 2

Overall Thoughts:
It's the 2nd month of the year and I've finished 2 challenges so far, very happy about that. I've also read several more books for challenges I'm completing in, maybe this year I won't be franticly trying to get some of the books finished in time.

This month I read at least 1 book for the following challenge(s):

Pages Read (3,734/31,000)
100+ Reading Challenge (17/100)
New Author Challenge (5/15 completed) – Girl Mary, Spinning Forward, The Excalibur Murders
Year of the Historical (4/12 completed) – Girl Mary, Black Horses for the King, The Queen's Fool, The Excalibur Murders
Audio Book (5/20 completed) - Blood Brothers, Twenties Girl, Size 14 is Not Fat Either
Arthurian Challenge (2/2) – Black Horses for the King, The Excalibur Murders
Young Adult Challenge (2/12 completed) – Black Horses for the King
What's in a Name?3 Challenge (1/6 completed) – The Queen's Fool
TBR Challenge (4/24 completed) – Year of the Historical
Chick Lit Challenge (2/8 completed) – Twenties Girl
War Through the Generations (Vietnam) (1/5 completed) – The Barracks Thief by Tobias Wolff
Buy 1 Book and Read It (2/12 completed) – The Barracks Thief by Tobias Wolff, The Excalibur Murders

Challenges I didn't read a book for:

101 Fantasy Challenge (3/7)
Series Challenge (1/7 books, 0/3 series)
New Author Challenge (1/15 completed)
Stephanie Plum Challenge (2/5 completed)
Thriller and Suspense Challenge (1/12 completed)

Completed Challenges:

Reliquiae Challenge - Finished in January
Arthurian Challenge – Finished in February

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