Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Smile - Myla

Myla has 3 beds.  She has a bed in the master bedroom, where she sleeps at night.  She has a bed (okay's really an old comforter) on the floor in the office, and she has a doggie bed in the family room where we spend most our time (when not sleeping or working of course).  Now she has another one.  Several weeks ago when husband was sick, he was sleeping in the couch so as to not wake me up with his coughing or spread the love, er, I mean germs.    One of the extra couch pillows(they line the back of the couch) ended up being on the floor by the couch.   Myla quickly claimed it as her own.   She's so darn cute sleeping on it that we couldn't possible take it away.  

Sometimes she just rests her head on the pillow.

Other times she puts most of her upper body on the pillow (when the pillow is up like it is now, she sometimes will pull it down so she can lay flat on it)

There there are time she thinks she much smaller than her 100lbs and tries to curl up on the pillow.

Oh, and it appears the pillow is for nephews with super cute curly hair too.


bermudaonion said...

Aww, Mya and her pillow are adorable.

Kris said...

Thanks Bermudaonion

Beautiful Witch said...

Oh she's so lovely and obviously very well taken care of. I love to see owners with bigger dogs. I have two - a golden retriever and a wolfhound/golden retriever and sometimes they try to get on my lap as if they, like Myla, think they are much smaller than they actually are!

Kris said...

Beatiful Witch - Thanks! She is very spoiled. lol! I love big dogs..I haven't been able to convince the husband that our next dog should be a St. Bernard or a mastiff..but I'm still trying. He likes the smaller sized dogs - around 50 lbs or so. That's just too small for me. I like to hold them..but I know I would miss the bigger size. I wish Myla would try to curl up in my lap like your dogs do! Sounds so cute and adorable.