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Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr

Copyright: 2007
Publisher: MIRA Books
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 363
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Simple Description: 
This book in the series focuses on Mike and Brie.  This book starts off with a bang, Brie is raped.   This sets the tone for most of the book. While Brie is dealing with this, we also learn that there is somebody getting high school girls drugged at parties and taking advantage of them.  Mike is there for Brie throughout this ordeal.  He loves her, but knows he can't make a move now.  However, he knows what it's like to be attacked.  Brie comes to Virgin River to try and get over what has happened to her.  Mike and Brie do hit it off and with Mike's help Brie slowly gets back to her old self and they realize that what they have is love.  Meanwhile, Mike has been asked to take a job as a security officer of the town.  He won't officially be a cop, but he'll be able to investigate and help out cops in the surrounding towns.  He is determined to figure out who is taking advantage of the highschool girls.

There are some new characters in this one, something that happens in each book and usually leads to one or two of them being the main characters in future books for this series.  Vanni (Vannessa) is pregnant and her husband Matt is serving over seas.   She has moved in with her Dad for the meantime.  Her Dad owns a ranch outside of Virgin River.   Matt worked under Jim and is part of the Marine buddies that come to town a couple times a year.  It gets interesting when we learn that Paul, another one of Marine buddies, is Matt's best friend and secretly loves Vanni.  He would never make a move though, he wouldn't do that to his friend.  We also meet  Tom. Tom is Vanni's younger brother and in highschool.  He helps Mike with the date rapper investigation.

Now what you really want to thoughts: 
First off, notice a trend?  No? You might soon. I'm going to be reading one book in this series each month.  I just love this series and I'm buddy reading it with some friends, so we have limited ourselves to one book per month..and I doubt any of us want to be skipping months.

These books are so good.   I love that we still have Mel and Jack as primary characters.  Heck, there are several primary characters.  I just love that the author includes new people in each book, focuses on two people (who end up a couple of course), but also includes those we have come to love.  It's great to see the town and the people grow.   Sure you could argue that it's becoming a bit of a cookie cutter story - it seems that in each book two people who don't know each other well end up falling in love and getting married.  However I don't care. lol!  I love the characters so much and you just want them to get together and find happiness, who cares if it only happens in a couple of months.

I definitely recommend this series.  It is one of my favorite series, and only only 3 books into it.   Also, it's getting somewhat hard to review these books because I don't want to give away things that happened in past books, but yet in order to review it I have to assume you know what has happened.  These books follow closely in time (Virgin River time of course) and seem to pick up where one left off..building on the stories of all the characters you have already been introduced to.  I might just have to stop doing a simple review and just tell you want I think of it.

My rating:
4.5 out of  5 stars (only because I have a hard time giving something 5/5)

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