Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Smile - It's finally Pool weather!

It's been warmer than usual for this time of year, we've already hit the 90's a couple of times!  I'm not complaining though.  While it does mean my runs suck, it also means I get to hang out in the pool. I love the pool. I like to float around and read and nap on the weekends, knowing I have that to look forward to helps me survive my co-worker during the week.

Of course, since it was warmer than usual, that means we have already been able to have a pool party.  We opened the pool a couple of weeks ago and put the solar cover on it (we even used duct tape to try and hold it together since there are some long rips in it. lol) and the water was nice and warm for this past weekend, perfect temp to get the nephews in the pool.

Before everyone arrived, I got in the pool for my relaxing read and Myla decided to join me. She doesn't like water, so she never gets in the pool (well..unless I force her in and then she doesn't speak to me for a couple days), but she does sometimes lay down by the pool. She was so close...her butt was hanging over.  I though for sure she would move and fall in.

Just look at that grin! This little guy loves the pool - he doesn't fear the water at all.

See..what did I tell you? not afraid of the water at all. (although I do believe he kicked his soon to be little brother a couple of times. lol)

After awhile we convinced his older brother to jump in and they both had fun (that's me catching the older brother - closest to the stairs)

Now this guy, he knows how to relax in a pool.  This is one cool dude, and he knows it.

I thought this one was hilarious.  Myla and nephew looking outside to see what's going on.

 This guy wouldn't let me take his picture, but I still managed to get a couple good ones.

I have to lighten this photo, but forgot before posting it. Oops.  After he would jump in the pool and I would catch him, he would go up the stairs, climb on the raft and sit for a minute to relax, then get up and do it all over again.


bermudaonion said...

I love the pictures - especially the one on the float!

Ordinary Reader said...

Hi. I found you through the blog hop. Great pics. Have a good weekend, Dianne