Saturday, January 29, 2011

Movie Review - Glory

Image taken from IMDB website
When I saw that movies could count towards the War through The Generations Challenge, Civil War, I immediately knew this was one of the movies I had to watch.  I've seen it before, several times in fact, but I couldn't wait to watch it again.

Glory is the story of how Robert Gould Shaw trained and led the first all black volunteer army to fight for the North.  Even though they were fighting to end slavery, that doesn't mean the white men felt the black men were equals.  This is clearly shown in this movie.  Even though the black men volunteered to fight for this country, they were still treated as inferior.  They weren't given necessary clothing and shoes and also weren't paid the same.  At first, they weren't allowed to even fight in any battles.  Shaw had to over come some of his own prejudices in order to lead the 54th. 

If you  haven't watched this movie yet, I highly recommend it.  

This is the first movie I've watched for the Civil War, War Through the Generations challenge, and you can expect to see more.  As I was adding this one to my blockbuster que, I did a search for Civil War and found a lot of History Channel documentaries that I could rent.  I'm excited about some (one is about women who dressed up as men so they could fight).  

Also, while I know this has nothing to do with the movie I thought I would mention it.  One of the local parks in my area, Jefferson Barracks, will be opening doors to a brand new Civil War Museum this April.  Jefferson Barracks is a military cemetary and had an important role in the American Civil War.  A Civil War museum fits and I have high hopes for it.  I actually only heard about it because I was talking to my Grandpa about this Civil War challenge and asking him for recommendations, he has read a lot about the Civil War, and he told me about it.  I emailed and asked if we could go to the Museum together once it opens, I haven't heard back from him but I would guess I'll have a date.  In fact, it appears that MO has a lot going on this year since it is the 150th Anniversary of the start of the American Civil War. 

Now, since this is supposed to be a review of the movie Glory, here is the trailer.  


Anna and Serena said...

I've got this posting on the main page on 3/15. Thanks for sending in your movie review and for participating in the challenge.

Anonymous said...

I saw part of this movie in high school, but I think it's about time I saw the whole thing.

Unknown said...

Diaryofaneccentric - I do recommend seeing it, and hopefully you like it. So far everyone I've talked to recently has said how much they liked it, except my husband. haha

War Movie Buff said...

"Glory" is ranked #10 on the Military History magazine's 100 Greatest Movies list. Other Civil War movies are The General (42) and Gettysburg (46). There are surprisingly few good Civil War movies. If anyone is interested in watching some I would recommend "Cold Mountain" , "Shenandoah", "Ride With the Devil", "The Horse Soldiers", "Andersonville", and "The Red Badge of Courage".

Unknown said...

warmoviebuff - Thanks for the recommendations! I'm definitely going to check out some of them. I'm working on some documentaries now.

LorMil said...

Thank you for the great review.

Unknown said...

Lormil - you're welcome, thanks for stopping by!