Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vietnam in HD on the history channel

While I have really slacked in reading the Civil War books this year, for those who follow my blog you know I do enjoy (for lack of a better word) reading and learning about war.  

Last year I was very happy that the War Through the Generations challenge was focused on the Vietnam war as that was one of the American wars I didn't know much about and wanted to learn more.

It should come as no surprise that I'm really looking forward to a 3 part documentary the History channel airs tonight.  It's called Vietnam in HD

Here's what the page says about it:
Two years after its Emmy Award-winning WWII in HD, HISTORY shifts its focus to one of the most controversial eras in United States history. Vietnam in HD uses restored footage—much of it shot by soldiers in action and never seen by the public—to explore the reality of the Vietnam War as it transforms lives both at home and abroad.
This documentary series features the stories of 13 men and women, including a pilot who barely survived an ill-fated mission to Laos, a nurse who saved lives during the Tet Offensive and an infantryman who later spoke out against the war. The veterans themselves make an appearance, while actors such as Adrian Grenier, Edward Burns and Jennifer Love Hewitt give voice to their tales.
The three-night, six-hour event begins at 9/8c on Tuesday, November 8, with a look at the Vietnam War’s first major battle. Visit history.com/vietnam to learn about the series, watch exclusive videos and meet the men and women of Vietnam in HD.
I know several of you also participate in the War Through the Generation challenge, so I wanted to share this information in case you were interested in this documentary.  I'll personally be recording it and hopefully watching it this weekend.

Here's a clip the History channel posted online. If the documentary is like this, I think I'll be very satisfied.


Anna said...

Thanks for reminding me about it. I hope I remember to set my DVR as soon as I get home.

Serena said...

I saw something similar to this that interviewed some of the premier authors of Vietnam War fiction, etc. I hope you "enjoy" this one. It is something I'd likely buy on DVD and watch later.

Kris said...

Anna - Good luck remembering! lol! I know they are replaying it several times this week so you should be able to catch it, I'm not recording it when it originally airs but at midnight or something like that.

Serena - From the video's I watched on it today, it def. seems like one that would be worth purchasing and watching more than once.