Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ghoul Interrupted by VIctoria Laurie

#6 Ghost Hunger
Copyright: 2012
Publisher: Signet
Genre: Mystery (cozy)
Pages: 352
Author's Website
My rating: 4/5

Simple Description: 
M.J. Holliday receives a dream visit/vision from Sam, her boyfriends grandfather, informing her that there has been a death in the family and it was at the hands of a demon.  He requests that M.J. come home with Heath and help banish the demon, informing her that in order to do so the person controlling or being controlled by the demon must be killed.

M.J. doesn't relish fighting another nasty and very dangerous demon but she wants to do everything she can for Heath.  M.J. and her best friend Gilley run into one road block after another though. Mostly a lot of these issues are because Heath's family lives on an Indian reservation and they don't belong nor are they welcome.  In fact, Heath and his Mom aren't exactly welcome either.

M.J., Heath, and Gilley do everything they can to convince his family that the deaths are at the hand of a Demon and the demon must be stopped, but its not doing much good.  Will they be able to stop this demon before more of Heath's family are killed?

 My Thoughts:
I can't help it, this is one of my favorite series.  In fact, both of the author's adult series are favorites.  Gilley can get annoying but at the same time it doesn't really bother me because I recognize that's who he is and it fits him. Plus for the most part he makes me laugh.  I like M.J. and Heath and feel they have a good relationship and like how they interact.   Most importantly I love the paranormal aspect of it all. What's not to love about a book that has some humor and you get to bust a ghost or demon?

Definitely recommend this book, although it's best if you start at the beginning of the series in my opinion.  It's a light read, it's fun, and it's got the paranormal aspect which I love.


bermudaonion said...

Sounds like a series I need to try.

Stepfordmomto2 said...

I loved this book also and I am glad to see that they are getting better and better.

Kris Meyer said...

Bermudaonion - As Stepfordmomto2 noted..the series keeps getting better. I really do love the characters.

Stepfordmomto2 - You are so right! This is definitely a series I'll continue with for awhile I think.

BookAddict said...

I love this series!! I agree with Stepformom, they do get better and better. Need to order this new one!